10 reasons to invest in new roof installation

There are close to 5 million new roofs installed in homes every single year.

This is because most roofs can last up to 30 years so even if a home needed it’s interior and appliances updated sooner, homeowners could afford to wait when it came to their roof.

However, just because you can wait, doesn’t mean that’s the best option for your home. In fact, a new roof can give you a lot of benefits both in value and in your living quality.

Could A New Roof Installation Be In Your Future

Read on to see why a new roof installation may be a great option for you right now.

Increase your home’s value

One of the major factors that come into the initial value of a home is its structural condition.

In these circumstances, any home with a damaged roof or one which is older than it’s projected lifespan will definitely reduce the value of your home.

If you’re thinking of selling it in future or want to remortgage your house, then having a new roof will do wonders for increasing its overall worth.

Some estimates have even put the increased value as high as $12,000 so it’s something you should certainly consider.

Remove all existing damage

Even well-made roofs take damage and can wear out over time.

This is especially true if you live in an area that is subject to adverse weather conditions like extreme cold or violent storms.

While most roofs are built to withstand these conditions in their area. Things like debris being flung by strong winds can break shingles or tiles. This can lead to cracks and areas that expose your interior to potential water damage from rain.

By updating your roof you’re not only removing these issues but also protecting the inside of your home as well.

It may just be time

Most roofs can only last up to thirty years.

While this seems like a long amount of time, what most people don’t know is one very shocking statistic from 2009.

The US consensus found that the median age of homes in the US was 36 years. Remember, this is only the median number from 2009, so many houses were even older than that and more have caught up in the decade since.

Double check to see when your home was built and if any new roofing was ever put on it.

If not, it may be the perfect time to give yourself a much-needed upgrade.

Integrate it into your remodeling

You may also be considering remodeling parts or all of your home anyway. If that’s the case, you should really consider making your roof a part of this process.

For example, some rooms may not receive a lot of light through the windows. If it’s possible, this would be a perfect opportunity to add a skylight to your roof since you’re redoing it anyway.

It could even mean adding in a new gutter system that is more efficient or possibly even collects rainwater to be recycled into your home.

Enjoy better insulation with a new roof installation

Another great benefit of a new roof is that it gives you a great reason to improve the insulation at the same time.

Many people think that insulation is best suited for keeping homes warm in winter but what they don’t realize is it does the opposite in summer too.

Insulation essentially helps your home maintain whatever temperature is inside. So, if you use your air conditioning to keep it cool in the summer then good insulation will prevent that cold air from leaking outside.

It similarly traps heat in the winter to keep your home warmer.

You can create energy and save money

Solar panels on roofs used to be extremely expensive, ugly, and only provide a return on investment after decades.

Now, however, the technology has improved so dramatically that you can expect the roof to have paid itself on in under 8 years.

Once you pass that threshold then every year after that becomes savings that would normally have gone to energy bills.

Cloudy, dark regions of America can still expect savings exceeding $8000 over 20 years with more sunny areas seeing savings exceeding $40,000.

If you’re interested in clean energy it is definitely an option worth considering.

Bring some life to your roof

Another popular trend among many owners looking to remodel is the option of getting a ‘green roof’.

These roofs are not only better for the environment but they can make a home look beautiful while providing amazing energy saving benefits too.

Plants absorb sunlight and its heat making them perfect during the hot summer months for keeping your home cool. It’s the same reason why soil beneath grass feels cool in the summer as well.

Also, in order to pass safety regulations, they are also constructed with barriers and waterproofing underneath them to protect your home during adverse weather just like any other roof.

Give yourself more protection

If your home has an old roof or if it’s been many years since it was built then there is a good chance the warranty has since expired.

This means that any issues that may arise will need to be paid by you out of pocket.

In contrast, a new roof will come with a whole new warranty ranging anywhere from 10 to 30 years.

This gives you extra protection or the years to come and can help you pay for anything that may arise before you sell the home.

Peace of mind for inspections

As mentioned above the roof can be an integral part of your home’s value.

This value is derived from home inspectors who will take a detailed analysis of every aspect of your home in comparison to others in your area.

So if your home has an old roof while a few neighbors with similar properties have updated recently, your home will not only be valued less but may seem less desirable to potential buyers.

It looks better

It’s incredible how much a roof can transform the look of a home.

Imagine your home exactly as it is now but if your roof was made from red tiles, black shingles, or covered in plant-life.

Because it takes up so much space on the top of a house, it can really help boost the aesthetic and give your home a fresh sense of style.

It’s Worth It

Unless you have a relatively new roof, there are very few reasons against having a new roof installation.

It improves your living space, saves money, increases the value of your home and more. Ultimately, if it’s something you’ve been considering and you know your roof could do with an upgrade then it’s probably time.

If you’re interested, check out some of our services to see what we can do for you. Otherwise, read our other blogs for more tips and advice.