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The 4 Biggest Pricing Factors In Roofing

There will always be price variances in estimates from roofer to roofer, but knowing the biggest pricing factors affecting roofing costs will give you an idea of what to expect for your project. The Big 4 Are you in the process of looking for a licensed roofer? Visit...

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Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Roofing Contractor

When you need a roof repair or replacement, spending some time interviewing prospective roofers is the only way to know you’ve hired the most qualified company for the job.   By having a list of industry-relevant questions prepared ahead of time, you can evaluate...

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Can I Replace My Roof In The Fall?

Here in the Bay Area, the fall season is known for its beautiful warm, dry days and cooler nights. This makes fall the perfect time to replace an old or dilapidated roof. Getting that new roof on before the rainy winter season hits means you’ll enjoy a leak-proof roof...

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What Is Roof Algae And How To Fix It?

In addition to potential roof damage requiring repair or replacement, roof algae diminish curb appeal and can negatively impact utility spending. Once you’ve identified your roof is affected by algae, your best bet is to call a professional. In addition to safely...

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Why Is My Roof Leaking?!

You trust in your roof to keep your family safe and secure in your home. And for the most part, it does. But your trusty roof has been having some trouble lately; namely, leaks. Before you can get it fixed, you need to determine the cause of the leak. Here are the...

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