choosing the right roof for your business

Commercial roof replacement is a significant investment, and it should be. Your business’s roof affects everything from the building’s energy efficiency and structural integrity to interior air quality and comfort. Choosing the right roof for your business is a positive step in protecting your company’s bottom line over the long term.

5 Considerations When Choosing A Corporate Roof

If you make wise choices about your business’s roof and related components, you’ll see a noticeable return on your investment (ROI) in multiple ways.

First-time vs lifetime costs

One of the most significant considerations is cost, but we recommend looking deeper into that question. As you meet with various local roofing contractors to get estimates, ask them about the first-time vs. lifetime costs of the roof. 

For example:

Asphalt shingle roofs

One of the most popular and cost-efficient roofing materials, asphalt shingles continue to be a popular choice. If you go this route, invest in the highest-quality shingles you can afford. If you take the cheap route, you’ll pay far more for roofing repairs, energy-efficiency issues, and roof replacement over time.

Metal roofs

There is no doubt that metal roofs are the winner when it comes to commercial roofing with the lowest lifetime costs. If you install and maintain a moderate—to high-quality metal roof, it will pay for itself and then some during its lifetime due to its durability, low-maintenance needs, reflective coatings that reduce solar heat gain, the ability to support solar panels, and so on.

Vinyl roofs

While these aren’t the best choice for businesses with sloped roofs, vinyl roofing may be a good happy medium between asphalt shingles and metal roof options. They’re ideal for low-sloped and flat roofs. The key to getting the most from your vinyl roof is to ensure you’re working with an experienced installer to protect you from potential shrinking over time.

Energy efficiency

A large commercial building burns a tremendous amount of energy in terms of heating and cooling costs. The right roof selection, paired with adequate insulation/ventilation, makes a notable difference in monthly utility spending—especially during peak hot/cold months. In fact, inexplicable rises in energy costs are one of the telltale signs it’s time to replace a commercial roof.

In addition to reducing the money you spend on heating and cooling, an energy-efficient roof also reduces the lifetime costs of HVAC repairs and replacements because it keeps the unit from cycling on/off unnecessarily.

Interior moisture control

The roof system works hand in hand with the building’s insulation and ventilation to regulate moisture in the building. Even if your current roof appears leak-free, older roofs may still allow moisture to enter the building’s infrastructure. This leads to a risk of:

  • Excess humidity that increases the building’s risk of:
  • Temperatures that seem hotter or colder than they really are. This affects indoor comfort as well as excess wear and tear on your HVAC.
  • Mold and mildew growth can damage the building and business products in storage. Plus, it creates an off-smelling odor (not to mention the risk for increased respiratory issues  – see next).

Your new roof and a little TLC can clean up any residual issues remaining from previous moisture control issues and will protect your building for the long haul.

Improved interior comfort & air quality

We’ve mentioned a few ways a new roof improves interior comfort for employees and customers. For example:

  • Reduced solar heat gain means less heat in the upper levels of the building, allowing the AC to do its job during the summer and early fall months.
  • Consistent HVAC function prevents the on/off bursts of air common when the unit can’t work effectively or efficiently.
  • If a building has any issues with moisture or dampness, it affects interior comfort.
  • Mold and mildew create indoor air pollution through a buildup of spores that circulate the building. This puts your employees and customers at risk for respiratory issues.

Everyone benefits when a building has a new or well-maintained roof, complete with adequate insulation and ventilation.

Protect your building’s structural integrity

A roof replacement may be expensive up front, but the right roof lasts for decades. Avoidable structural issues are incredibly expensive to repair without any long-term payoff since most of them could have been avoided. This is especially the case when the problems are due to an old or poorly maintained roof.

  • The right roof materials protect your building from fire damage, which is an increasing priority for California and Bay Area business owners.
  • Leaky roofs contribute to structural rot in key beams and exterior wall supports. They can ruin interior walls or flooring from the inside, making them harder to detect until they’ve done considerable damage.
  • In worst-case scenarios, a leaky roof with a poorly designed or maintained drainage system (gutters and downspouts) can cause issues with the foundation.

Waiting too long to replace a roof can end up costing you far more than you anticipated.

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