are clear roofing panels right for your homeClear roofing panels, made from polycarbonate, are both durable and energy efficient. They are an attractive option for Bay Area homeowners interested in creating more light-filled places or designing sunrooms that allow you to enjoy an outdoor ambiance, even on chilly winter days.

Pros & Cons of Clear Roofing Panels

These clear panels are increasingly common in both home and commercial buildings. In the residential sector, we install clear, polycarbonate panels in a range of applications – including sunrooms, grow rooms, patios, indoor or outdoor pool or hot tub areas, and decks. 

Clear roof panels can be used in completely enclosed spaces or as a transparent cover that allows outdoor areas to remain usable in more inclement weather. We always recommend speaking with a licensed local roofer who can meet you at the location and discuss how you can enhance your Bay Area home with clear roofing panels.

Benefits Of Polycarbonate Roof Panels

There are several benefits of using polycarbonate roof panels in and around your home.

Weatherproof natural daylighting

Even cloudy days offer ample daylighting if you have enough “windows” and skylights. Polycarbonate roof panels can be installed in a variety of spaces, whether you’re building an enclosed room or simply want to create a more weatherproof outdoor space without obstructing the sky view.

Once the panels are installed, you’ll benefit from natural daylighting, which reduces energy consumption, improves moods and focus, and can spill into adjacent living spaces via open doors or windows.

Energy efficiency

You have some wiggle room when it comes to the reflective properties of polycarbonate roofing panels. If you want to block all of the UV rays and most of the infrared heat that can make sunrooms become uncomfortably warm on a sunny day, we’ll talk to you about choosing coatings that block 100% of the UV rays

However, we also have panels that block 90% of the UV light, which yields significant protection from the sun’s harmful rays while allowing enough to warm the space on a cold day and help plants thrive. So, in addition to reducing the amount of electricity consumed to illuminate your home or business during daylight hours, polycarbonate roof panels also improve energy efficiency because you’ll minimize the amount of energy used to condition the space during the peak heat season. Varying thicknesses help to provide added insulation values for certain spaces.


Polycarbonate is a tough material, and it can hold up against hard wind, rain, hail, or falling debris from surrounding trees. Prior to polycarbonate options, most skylights or clear roofing panels were made from glass or expensive fiberglass, both of which are brittle and prone to cracking or breaking.

Panels made from polycarbonate are extremely durable and lightweight, making them a wise choice.


Clear roofing panels are available in multiple colors, thicknesses, and patterns. Panels are available in virtually every color as well as in options with attractive metallic coatings, making them appear gold, silver, copper, etc. You’ll be able to choose panels that complement your building’s architecture while also providing style and privacy as needed.

Clear Roofing Panel Cons

There are also some downsides to using clear roofing panels. 

Higher cost

Clear polycarbonate roof panels have a higher price point than a standard asphalt shingle roof. They are about the same prices as metal roofs or custom shingle products. However, most people use them for an area of home or business rather than the entire roof, so they become more like an accent feature. Also, their durability, shatter resistance, and long life expectancy compensate for that. 

They are vulnerable to surface damage

While they’re very strong and have a high-impact tolerance, clear roofing panels can become scratched or pitted over time. This tendency is combatted by the right coatings and, over time, does not diminish the overall aesthetics. Also, because they can dent, it’s important to have roofing maintenance performed by licensed professionals who have the equipment and know-how to maneuver over and around the panels without denting them.

Require special cleaning materials

You can not clean clear roofing panels the same way you would traditional roofing materials as their prone to surface damage from cleaners that are abrasive, alkaline, or contain solvents. We recommend cleaning the panels with solutions specifically designed for the panels, included in the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, to keep them looking their best.

May amplify noise

Also, because their clear, window-like properties rely on being transparent, polycarbonate panels are installed on a frame without the traditional roof deck or insulation, which protects homes and businesses from roof and ambient noise. So, hard rain, hail, or debris dropping from trees or in a storm will sound louder than they would on other roofing options.

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