why roof maintenance is so important

Threats like high winds, storms and hurricanes cost the country up to billions of dollars each and every year. Annual roof maintenance can help to minimize the damage to the roof of your business or home.

It’s a job no one wants to think about. It’s easy to put off, and it’s easy to ignore – and it’s easy to miss problems without looking closely.

Here’s why you need to book your annual maintenance sooner rather than later.

Annual Roof Maintenance Saves Money

A routine inspection can help to spot minor problems before they become real issues.

Generally, roof problems are cheaper to solve the earlier they’re spotted. So by calling in an expert – or at the very least, heading up a ladder yourself at least once a year – you’re saving yourself money in the long run.

Look out for cracked or damaged shingles, and check that they don’t curl up at the edges.

Compare your roof to your neighbors. Is it in as good condition as theirs? If their homes were built around the same time as yours, and they seem to be replacing them, you should consider following suit.

This is because your home will have been exposed to very similar conditions since being built. Call an expert if you’re unsure whether your roof has some good years left in it.

Don’t Forget the Gutters!

While you’re up the ladder, check out your gutters and make sure they’re clear. This is something you should check every fall.

A blocked gutter can prevent rain from draining from the roof properly, which can lead to leaks in your roof and walls. Heavy debris can also cause pipes to collapse, which can damage the outside of your home, or cause injury.

In icy conditions, trapped gutter water may also freeze and damage your pipes. These can be quite costly to replace.

So you need to make sure your gutters are clutter-free on a regular basis.

It Will Make Your Roof Last Longer

By carrying out routine maintenance, you’re extending the life of your roof. Eventually, all roofs need to be entirely replaced – everything wears out over time. But a good roof which is properly maintained should last for many years.

Replacing the whole thing can be very costly, so by having annual roof maintenance carried out, you’ll not have to pay for this until it becomes entirely unavoidable.

Prevent Roofs Being Damaged by Bad Weather

Bad weather costs us dearly, and strong winds and rain will do more damage to a roof that isn’t in perfect shape. Wind can lift up and shatter loose tiles, while rain will exploit existing weaknesses to leak into your home or business.

By checking for damage regularly, you can order further work to avoid major problems when bad weather comes.

Check your roof in the summer while the weather is good. It’s easier to spot problems in the sunlight, and you (or your workmen) won’t be fighting against the elements to get the job done.

Remember to check the thin pieces of metal between roof joints. This is called ‘flashing’ and it’s there to prevent water seeping between the shingles. If it’s damaged, it needs replacing – or you could end up with a leaky roof.

And if you live in an area that gets snowfall, check your roof after heavy falls to make sure there aren’t large drifts accumulating. This snow will need to be cleared, as it can cave in the roof if left unchecked.

Keep Your Roof Looking Great

No one wants an algae- or moss-covered roof. There’s really nothing that makes a roof look quite as bad as that sour-green film covering the shingles.

Get algae, mold, and plants cleaned off today with a professional service, and keep your home looking as attractive as it was the day you bought it.

Plants and algae can cause damage over a long period of time if left to grow out of control.

Mold can burrow through gaps in the roofing into your attic, and once inside your home is infamously difficult to remove. Mold can also pose a threat to the health of you and your family, and once it’s indoors you’ll most likely have to hire a professional to deal with it – which can be very expensive.

If you have any skylights, you’ll want to have these cleaned regularly too, so that the light in your attic room isn’t dimmed.

Look Out for Nearby Trees

Trees growing close to your home generally won’t cause a problem, but if there are heavy branches hanging over or near your roof, you should probably have them cut back.

A heavy storm could cause branches to collapse onto the roof, which is potentially very dangerous – and could cause extensive damage to your home.

You might want to hire a tree surgeon to assess any trees in your yard and make sure they’re not posing a potential threat.

Your Insurance Might Not Cover You

If you don’t keep your roof well-maintained, you might find that your insurer refuses to pay a claim if things go wrong – for instance, after a serious storm.

This is because it might consider the damage to have been avoidable, and argue that it wouldn’t have happened if you had kept it properly maintained.

You don’t want to be on the hook for thousands of dollars worth of damage after an event like that. So if you have insurance cover for your roof, make sure your insurer can’t dodge the claim by making a small investment in your roof today.

Book Your Annual Roof Maintenance Now

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