rain gutters choosing the right color style price for your home

A few years ago, rain gutters used to be pretty basic in their look. After all, the purpose of a rain gutter was functionality not looks. As long as it did its job, that was all that really mattered.

But that was then, and this is now. How well a rain gutter functions is a given; what people really want is to have a gutter with style. The look and design of a gutter should make your house stand out, not detract from it.

A lot of rain gutter companies are still stuck in their ways and continue to make their bland designs. Thankfully, there are a ton of other gutter businesses that give their customers a wide range of designs.

What To Consider When Choosing Rain Gutters

So how exactly do you choose the gutters that are right for your home? We’ve got the answers you need in this article, so read on to find out more!

Sectional Or Seamless Rain Gutters?

There are two main ways to have a rain gutter installed onto your roof. One option is to get a sectional gutter, and the other is to get a seamless rain gutter.

A sectional rain gutter is the traditional way of installing a gutter, and the one that many gutter companies still use (and that people still buy). A sectional gutter involves pre-cut sections of materials that are installed on your home.

The gutter brought to your home in lengths that have already been measured and cut at the factory. These links are then installed onto your home by being connected together along the edge of your roof.

The benefit of sectional gutters is that they’re less expensive since they are already designed to fit on to most houses. That also makes the job easier for the installer, so they charge less for the labor.

The other option is to go for seamless gutters. Seamless gutters are not pre-cut; rather, the gutter company has to go to your home to have your roof measured, so they can make a custom gutter that wraps all the way around the roof.

This custom job makes for a much cleaner look and sets you apart from those who get the traditional sectional gutters. If you have money to spare, this may be the way for you to go.

The Style Of Your House Matters

Every house is modeled after a particular style, and that style plays a big part in determining what sort of gutters your home should have.

For example, those with a home designed in the colonial revival style tend to have houses with multiple floors and hipped roofs. A style like this would benefit from k-style gutters that would accent the overall appeal of the building.

Homes in the Tudor style have been popular for centuries and if you happen to have one you would do well to go with half-round gutters to highlight the shape of this traditional home.

When it comes down to it, every house has its own gutter style that would work best with its design. Talk to an expert to see which design would work for you.

What Sort Of Material Should You Use?

Gone are the days when you only had one material option to choose from. Now, there are all sorts of materials that you can use to make your gutter, and your house appearance will be affected depending on which one you pick.

The traditional method is to choose vinyl. This is a tried-and-true material that’s easy for manufacturers to make and is extremely durable.

Most homeowners use this material because it works, and it tends to fit the roofs of most types of homes. That being said, if your house is big, expensive, or has a unique style or build, the vinyl may detract from its appearance.

Another option is to go for metal rain gutters. There are gutters made out of copper, aluminum, and even galvanized steel. Metal-based gutters tend to last longer than vinyl, but they are pricier, so keep this in mind when searching for these.

What Is Your Home Made Out Of?

The material that your house is made of should be accentuated by the gutters you plan to install, so make sure you pay close attention to how the combinations work between the two.

Most of us have a traditional American-style home, and that’s perfectly fine. A home like this could work well with any type of gutter material, but it would be best if you used traditional vinyl to highlight your traditional American home.

Many houses are made with brick, which is a nice mix of durability and sophistication. You need a gutter that can match this showcase. Opting for copper rain gutters would make even the oldest brick houses look amazing.

If your house is made in the style of a cabin, the last thing that you want to is dull down the natural appearance of the wood. Aluminum or galvanized steel would make the house stand out, even if you don’t have the gutters colored.

How About The Color Of Your Rain Gutters?

The last thing to mention (but not the least) is the color of the rain gutter.

Most people believe that their gutters should be the same color as their house, but that’s not always the case. In fact, the best way to show off both your gutters and your house is to contrast the colors.

This contrast should be carefully thought out since you’ll want to pick colors that still complement each other instead of clashing or making a mess. Using a color wheel chart will be a great help in making sure you have the right color for your home.

For All Of Your Roofing Needs

Now that you know what to look for out of your rain gutters, you need to know where to go to get the rain gutters you need from people you can trust. Luckily for you, you don’t have to look any further.

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