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If you are buying an older home or own one already, a roof inspection is a good idea. An older roof may look good on the surface. However, an inspection by an Antioch roofing contractor may uncover hidden problems. If there is even a shred of doubt about the health of a roof, bring out the professionals to inspect the roof.

Roofing is not something an amateur should undertake. Making a simple mistake in the installation process can lead to leaks and other problems later on. It is important to leave roof installations and repairs to professionals who understand how a roof system works and can spot signs when it is not working. The professionals at Pacific Coast Roofing can help with any repairs or replacements necessary.

Roofing Contractor Antioch


Some roofs look good on the surface. But, problems can lurk beneath the surface. When purchasing an older home, a roof inspection should happen to find out what the condition the roof really is. When a home has an older roof, an occasional inspection can help find problems before they become major.

Here are some things an Antioch roofing contractor will inspect:

Do Exterior Inspection of Roofing

Checking lines, fasteners, and layer count. When the lines begin to wonder or sag, problems are starting underneath. Loose fasteners can be the first sign of other problems. More than two layers of roofing materials can lead to trouble.

Inspect Condition of Roofing Materials Closely

Roofing materials may begin to deteriorate. Corners will fall off. The asphalt will begin to separate from the backing. Moss can grow on the shingles.

Inspect Roof Deck Inside and Out

The roof deck needs to be solid. Any weakness is a problem.

Check Flashing All Around the Room

Flashing helps prevent water infiltration in the odd spots around the roof. Any opening is trouble.

Inspect Vents, Collars, Fans, Skylights, and Other Roof Openings

These are the places where leaks often begin doing damage.

Inspect gutters

Gutters pull water away from the roof. Backed up gutters can start mildew and deterioration at the edges of a roof.

Do an Attic Inspection For Roof Health

Attics need to have adequate ventilation and insulation to keep the roof in good condition.

A homeowner can do a basic inspection. However, an experienced roofing contractor will know the signs of trouble to look for even when the surface looks good. Do not leave a roof inspection to amateurs.

Roofing Contractor Antioch


The San Francisco Bay area generally has good weather. However, like any other area of the country, roofing problems can occur. While temperatures in Antioch normally stay in the upper 80s during the summer, some days can hit the high 90s and even 100s. This intense heat, coupled with the occasional moist fog, can deteriorate roofing materials. Homeowners need to have roof inspections to make sure the roof is in good condition.

Pacific Coast Roofing is a professional roofing contractor with plenty of experience in the San Francisco Bay area. Their crews have plenty of experience in spotting trouble before it cause problems inside. When in doubt, a homeowner needs to bring in the PCR experts for an inspection as soon as possible.

In addition to being a local, family-owned roofing company, Pacific Coast Roofing is a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. This means Antioch residents benefit from exceptional professionalism and unsurpassed customer service from a community-minded roofing company.

Whether you’re interested in routine roofing maintenance to reduce leak potential and extend the lifetime of your current roof, or your home is in need of roof repair or replacement, the PCR team provides FREE inspections and estimates and competitive pricing.

Contact us here at Pacific Coast Roofing, and see what it’s like to work with roofing professionals who are committed to a job well-done and your satisfaction. We also provide emergency roof services ASAP.

For almost two decades, Pacific Coast Roofing has provided extraordinary roofing system repair work and replacement to residential property owners and commercial entrepreneur in and around the Bay Area.

We’re a family-owned company who understands attentive client service, informing clients relating to roof repair and replacement alternatives and honoring regular maintenance contracts are basic to a successful service model.

Why Choose Pacific Coast Roofing?

We comprehend it’s challenging to select a single roofer amongst the sea of links that show up from your search engine inquiry. However we promise that trusting your roofing repair and replacement needs to Pacific Coast Roofing’s remarkable group is the best move.

For one thing, more than 90% of our business originates from word-of-mouth recommendations, and that’s something we’re really happy with. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the greatest praise a business can receive, and we’re delighted to offer you with references from recent consumers who’ve had the very same type of repair work or replacement work that you’re trying to find so you can compare apples-to-apples.

Second of all, we’ve had a recognized, Better Business Bureau-listed profile for more than 15-years and counting– and our ranking has never dipped below an A+. We motivate you to visit our profile and take pleasure in the comfort from knowing that in all that time, we’ve never had a single consumer complaint. We likewise invite you to read our reviews on Angie’s List and Yelp, where lots of consumers have actually published glowing, 5-star reviews. These are hard-earned testaments of Pacific Coast Roofing’s dedication to premium materials and craftsmanship, as well as impressive client service.

Finally, never ever deal with any roofing specialist who doesn’t have an existing contractor’s license and proof that they’re bonded and insured. Failure to hold those is not a good indication and will more than likely space any item service warranty and/or break the regards to a property owner’s insurance plan. Pacific Coast Roofing’s contractor license # is 1002352

We Provide a Full Range of Roof Repair, Replacement and Emergency Services

Setting up a high-quality roofing is among the very best house improvement financial investments you’ll ever make. Simply as crucial as a structure’s foundation, the roofing secures the structural stability of your house or organisation and provides shelter from the components. The roofing system is likewise crucial in your building’s general energy effectiveness, protecting it from solar heat gain throughout the warmer months, and keeping conditioned, warm air inside your home when the cold weather come around.

We provide a complete spectrum of repair work and replacement services, including:

Emergency Roof Repairs

Have you discovered a recent wet spot in your attic or ceiling, or experienced a telltale drip? Perhaps a chunk of shingles or tiles have simply blown or fallen off in the middle of a storm? These are all considered “emergency situation roofing system repairs” since any source of wetness penetration through the roofing and into your home leads to huge issues– and more pricey repairs– the longer you wait. Plus, your house insurance coverage provider and/or guarantee might not stand up if their agents can tell you put off a repair for longer than you need to have.

Contact us here at Pacific Coast Roofing and we’ll get someone out to your location immediately to examine the damage and supply a prompt and competitive quote. (510) 912-5454. Our quotes are always complimentary and we’re pleased to facilitate any essential insurance documentation for you.

Shingle Roofing

Asphalt shingles are the standard roof product here in the Bay Area. They’re one of the most budget friendly and low-maintenance roofing items in the marketplace and regular annual upkeep will make sure a structure shingle roofing holds up for 20-, 30- and even 50-years, depending on the quality of product you pick. When coupled with brand-new insulation and other suggested roofing features, a shingle roof is highly energy-efficient. It comes in a range of colors and styles, developed to match your house’s architecture and your individual preferences.

Tile roofing system remediation and repair work

Tile roofs are another California staple since they reflect the Mediterranean and Spanish architectural themes popular in this area throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. To name a few benefits, tile roofings offer remarkable insulation residential or commercial properties and are practically resistant to extreme weather circumstances. That being stated, they need additional unique care during installation, along with for routine repair and maintenance to reduce any cracks or chips. We’re pleased to fix, change or supply yearly upkeep for your tile roof, guaranteeing it carries out approximately its potential for many years to come.

The right roof accessories and features increase the return on your financial investment

Top quality roof products and professional setup are an important initial step. However, other important features that secure your financial investment, in addition to the effectiveness of your home — include things like:

– Gutters and downspouts. These move water efficiently away from the roof and structural walls and away from the structure to avoid moisture damage
– Insulation. Experts estimate that 25% of more of your home’s heating/cooling energy is lost through the roofing system. Therefore, the layers of insulation used listed below the roofing product go a long way to conserve energy, decrease annual energy costs and promote whole-home convenience.
– Ventilation. Roofing ventilation is another crucial component of a strong roof and preferable energy performance. Roofing system vents launch solar heat gain prior to it permeates interior building areas and reduces moisture build-up in the attic. Eventually, appropriate ventilation also improves the life expectancy of your roof.

Failure to match a brand-new roof, or a roofing system that requires considerable repair work, with the best roofing accessories reduces the longevity of the roofing, jeopardizes the roofing system’s overall efficiency and undoubtedly leads to more frequent maintenance and repairs.
The group at Pacific Coast Roofing deals with clients to select extensive roofing services that team up to form a more practical whole.

Annual upkeep

While it’s true that certain elements of roof maintenance (like cleaning rain gutters and downspouts) are safe DIY jobs, it’s likewise real that roof slopes, high elevations and/or prospective repair problems make roof upkeep a hazardous undertaking without proper devices and training. Let us assist you secure your roofing, prevent unnecessary repair work and preserve your maker’s guarantee by providing yearly roofing system maintenance specific to your specific materials.

Our employees have the right clothing, equipment, devices and training to perform your manufacturers’ recommended maintenance points rapidly, economically and securely. Annual maintenance is the key to enjoying the possible life expectancy (or more) out of your roofing system as well as prevents leakages, broken or harmed shingles/tiles, and so on.

About Antioch, CA

Antioch is one of the oldest cities in California, founded just around the peak of California’s Gold Rush. Originally, Antioch was home to one of California’s largest ranches, and Marsh’s Landing (now Antioch) was the ranch’s main shipping point. Now, nearly 300-years later, Antioch is a geographically ideal place to call home – located on the East Bay, along the San Juaquin River Delta and within close proximity to both Oakland and San Francisco.

The city’s beautiful location means Antioch-area residents enjoy a myriad of “things to do,” including 31 parks that total 300+-acres, and more than 11 miles of walking paths that connect some of the community’s most desirable parks and schools.  Some of Antioch’s geographical highlights include Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Preserve, the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, and the Brannan Island State Recreation Area.

This area is a “surf and turf,” also boasting the Contra Loma Regional Park and Reservoir, the Antioch Marina and, of course, every family’s favorite summer hangout spot, the Prewitt Family Waterpark Center.

Antioch’s diversity makes it a place where any family feels right at home. The area’s most celebrated event of the year is inarguably the Contra Costa Fair, which brings tourists from around the Bay Area and beyond. However, any conversation with Antioch locals reveals their preference for the more community-based festivals and events, such as the Delta Blues Festival, the annual 4th of July Parade and Fireworks and the Antioch Holiday Parade.

Pacific Coast Roofing is proud to serve the community-minded homeowners of Antioch and we look forward to being of service when you need it.

“Brian and his crews are excellent! From estimate to completion (photos, colors, descriptions, job timing etc..), to follow up to getting on the job and getting it done exactly as we wanted (including clean up). They were most definitely focused on US being happy! Recommend!! ”

Lisa V. T.
San Francisco, CA



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