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Brentwood homeowners need to understand the kind of roof that is on their homes. Roofing materials are essential to keeping rain and wind out of the house. Knowing what kinds of materials are on top will help the homeowner assess when the roof is in good shape and when it is not.

A professional roofer like Pacific Coast Roofing can check your roof and its health. A healthy roof will keep water and wind at bay. A roof in need of repair will start to have leaks and need some attention. When a homeowner has any question about the health of a roof, it is important to have PCR come out and inspect it.

Roofing Contractor Brentwood


When dealing with roofing contractors, homeowners need to find roofers familiar with the kind of material on their homes. That way any repairs or replacement activities are done with a professional hand.

Here are some common roofing options for the San Francisco Bay area:

Composition Roofing

Known as asphalt shingles also, composition roofing offers an affordable material for many homes. The shingles usually have an underlayment of paper or fiberglass. The underlayment receives a layer of asphalt and fillers which makes it water-proof. Fiberglass-based shingles usually have a Class A fire rating.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs come in two general types: shingles and panels. Metal roofing is fireproof, flexible, and highly durable. Properly installed, they can last several decades without any problems.

Tile Roofs

Ceramic tile makes an excellent roofing material. In fact, it has been around since Ancient Rome existed. Today, roofing tile is often flat or semi-cylindrical. Tile is a very heavy material that requires special bracing.

Tar and Gravel Roofs

For flat or low-slope roofs, a common application is the tar and gravel. The roofer lays down layers of asphalt paper and tar to create a water-proof seal over the roof. On top, gravel helps to keep the roof down and to keep UV rays from degrading the roof.

There are other kinds of roofing materials of course. In fact, recent years have seen an expansion of roofing options. When replacing a roof, a homeowner should consider all options available.

Roofing Contractor Brentwood


Replacing an old roof or making repairs sounds easy for the handy do-it-yourself homeowner. But, a roof is more than just roofing materials secured to the deck. In order to handle high winds and driving rain, the house requires a complete roofing system to work. Unless a homeowner has been a professional roofer, it is best left to the professionals.

Pacific Coast Roofing Service can handle any repair or replacement needed in Brentwood and surrounding areas. With decades of experience, the work crews at PCR can handle a job quickly and efficiently. The work is professional and comes with a full guarantee. We use only the best materials.

Roofing Contractor Brentwood


Do not let a leaking roof become a major problem. Call in the experts from Pacific Coast Roofing Service. They will set an appointment to assess the situation. After finding the problem, they will give an estimate. If everything is in order, the work can begin quickly. Call them when you need a roofer. Call them today.Once the roof inspector finds the reason for the leak, the next step is fixing it. Pacific Coast Roofing provides free detailed estimates to our friends and neighbors in Alamo customers before performing any repair work. The estimate shows the expected labor and materials involved in repairing the leak. The customer must approve the work before PCR goes to work.

Repairing a leaking roof can be as simple as replacing a few damaged shingles or as complicated as stripping off all or part of the roof, repairing leak damage, and installing new shingles. Doing the repair right the first time will ensure the leak does not return. That is why bringing in roofing experts is important. A do-it-yourself project is not the way to go when dealing with a leaking roof.

Roofing Contractor Brentwood


If you suspect a leak or any kind of a problem with your roof, don’t wait, call our office at (510) 912-5454. A friendly expert will take your information and can get a technician out right away in most cases to stop the leak and repair it for good. Free estimates are always provided.

Brentwood residents looking for a professional roofing contractor are in luck. Pacific Coast Roofing provides licensed roof repair and replacement in Brentwood and surrounding Bay Area Communities. We’ve been in business since 1996, and our strong commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction is evident in our A+ rating from the BBB, as well as consistently high-ratings from dozens of satisfied customers.

We provide commercial and residential roof services, including annual roof maintenance, repair and replacement. Need emergency leak repair? Give Pacific Coast Roofing a call at (888) 995-5686, and we’ll get someone out there ASAP, even if our calendar is full.

We believe in the power of word-of-mouth referrals and, in fact, more than 90% of our business comes from satisfied customers who recommend us to their friends, family members and co-workers. This is a great source of satisfaction for us, and we hope it serves as a “stamp of approval” for you – so you can rest assured you’ve chosen the best roofing contractor in Berkeley for the job. We invite you to read our positive reviews on Yelp, and we’re always happy to provide project-similar references from recent clients who’ve received the same type of roofing work your home or business needs.

Contact Pacific Coast Roofing and see what a difference it makes when you hire local, professional roofers who prioritize your satisfaction, both today – and for decades to come.

For nearly 20 years, Pacific Coast Roof has supplied remarkable roofing system repair and replacement to property house owners and commercial company owner around the Bay Area.

We’re a family-owned company who understands mindful client service, informing clients regarding roof repair work and replacement options and honoring regular upkeep arrangements are basic to a successful business design.

Why Choose Pacific Coast Roofing?

We comprehend it’s challenging to choose a single roof specialist among the sea of links that turn up from your search engine inquiry. However we assure that trusting your roofing repair work and replacement needs to Pacific Coast Roofing’s remarkable team is the best move.

For one thing, more than 90% of our business originates from word-of-mouth recommendations, and that’s something we’re very happy of. Word-of-mouth referrals are the greatest praise a service can get, and we’re pleased to provide you with references from recent customers who’ve had the same type of repair or replacement work that you’re searching for so you can compare apples-to-apples.

Second of all, we’ve had an accredited, Better Business Bureau-listed profile for more than 15-years and counting– and our score has actually never ever dipped listed below an A+. We encourage you to visit our profile and take pleasure in the peace of mind from understanding that in all that time, we’ve never ever had a single customer grievance. We also welcome you to read our evaluations on Angie’s List and Yelp, where dozens of consumers have actually published radiant, 5-star reviews. These are hard-earned testaments of Pacific Coast Roofing’s devotion to top quality materials and workmanship, in addition to flawless client service.

Finally, never ever deal with any roofing contractor who doesn’t have an existing contractor’s license and proof that they’re bonded and insured. Failure to hold those is not a great sign and will more than most likely space any product warranty and/or violate the terms of a homeowner’s insurance plan. Pacific Coast Roofing’s contractor license # is 1002352

We Offer a Full Range of Roof Repair, Replacement and Emergency Services

Setting up a top quality roof is one of the very best home enhancement financial investments you’ll ever make. Just as essential as a structure’s foundation, the roofing system protects the structural stability of your home or company and supplies shelter from the elements. The roofing is also instrumental in your building’s general energy efficiency, safeguarding it from solar heat gain throughout the warmer months, and keeping conditioned, warm air inside when the winter months come around.

We supply a complete spectrum of repair and replacement services, including:

Emergency roof repairs

Have you observed a recent damp spot in your attic or ceiling, or experienced an obvious drip? Perhaps a portion of shingles or tiles have simply blown or fallen off in the middle of a storm? These are all thought about “emergency situation roof repair work” due to the fact that any source of wetness penetration through the roof and into your house leads to big problems– and more pricey repairs– the longer you wait. Plus, your house insurance coverage carrier and/or service warranty might not stand up if their representatives can inform you put off a repair for longer than you need to have.

Contact us here at Pacific Coast Roofing and we’ll get somebody out to your location right away to examine the damage and offer a timely and competitive quote. (510) 912-5454. Our quotes are always free and we’re delighted to help with any essential insurance coverage documents for you.

Composition shingle roof

Asphalt shingles are the basic roofing product here in the Bay Area for a factor. They’re one of the most cost effective and low-maintenance roofing products on the marketplace and routine yearly maintenance will make sure a structure shingle roofing system holds up for 20-, 30- as well as 50-years, depending on the quality of item you choose. When coupled with brand-new insulation and other suggested roofing functions, composition shingle roof is extremely energy-efficient. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, created to match your home’s architecture and your personal preferences.

Tile roofing restoration and repair work

Tile roofings are another California staple because they show the Mediterranean and Spanish architectural styles popular in this area throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Among other advantages, tile roofs provide exceptional insulation homes and are essentially invulnerable to severe weather scenarios. That being stated, they need additional special care throughout setup, in addition to for routine repair and maintenance to alleviate any cracks or chips. We’re delighted to fix, replace or offer annual maintenance for your tile roofing, ensuring it carries out up to its capacity for years to come.

The ideal roof accessories and features increase the return on your investment

Premium roof products and professional installation are an essential primary step. Nevertheless, other crucial functions that safeguard your financial investment, in addition to the performance of your house — consist of things like:

– Gutters and downspouts. These move water efficiently away from the roofing and structural walls and away from the foundation to avoid moisture damage
– Insulation. Specialists approximate that 25% of more of your house’s heating/cooling energy is lost through the roofing. Thus, the layers of insulation used listed below the roofing material go a long method to conserve energy, lower annual utility costs and promote whole-home convenience.
– Ventilation. Roof ventilation is another essential component of a strong roof and desirable energy performance. Roofing vents release solar heat gain prior to it permeates interior building spaces and lessens moisture build-up in the attic. Ultimately, proper ventilation likewise improves the life-span of your roofing.

Failure to match a new roof, or a roofing system that requires significant repair work, with the right roof devices minimizes the longevity of the roofing, compromises the roof’s overall efficiency and inevitably leads to more regular repair and maintenance.
The group at Pacific Coast Roofing works with customers to choose extensive roof solutions that collaborate to form a more practical whole.

Yearly upkeep

While it’s true that specific aspects of roofing maintenance (like cleaning rain gutters and downspouts) are safe DIY tasks, it’s also real that roofing system slopes, high elevations and/or prospective repair problems make roof maintenance an unsafe endeavor without proper equipment and training. Let us help you secure your roofing system, prevent unneeded repair work and keep your maker’s warranty by supplying annual roofing maintenance specific to your specific materials.

Our employees have the right clothing, gear, devices and training to perform your producers’ advised upkeep points quickly, cost effectively and safely. Yearly maintenance is the essential to delighting in the potential life expectancy (or more) out of your roofing and also avoids leaks, broken or harmed shingles/tiles, etc.

About Brentwood, CA

Brentwood combines the best of both worlds – a cosmopolitan Bay Area lifestyle and a dose of old fashioned rural culture as the result of its farm and agricultural roots. Once a mega-producer of cherries, peaches and corn, the bulk of Brentwood’s farmlands have since been converted to urban neighborhoods, but its down-to-earth, congenial reputation lives on.

In fact, Brentwood has been named one of America’s most playful cities for more than seven years in a row. The city is proud of its commitment to community wellness, which is evident in miles of walking trails that encourage residents to get outside and get moving.

Brentwood also promotes the visual and creative arts, and locals know to mark their calendars for a multitude of year-round events, many of which are hosted or sponsored by the very active Brentwood Arts Society. Some of the community’s favorite events include the Annual Art, Wine and Jazz Festival and an annual Artists Open Studio tour. There are also plenty of other opportunities for locals and visitors to participate or attend open mic nights and performances at the Brentwood Theater Company. The opening of a major art gallery in the Streets of Brentwood shopping center has also helped to make Brentwood a mecca for art enthusiasts from around the area, as well as international tourists.

Finally, Brentwood offers lucky residents close proximity to desirable outdoor hotspots, including Marsh Creek State Park and Regional Trails, Round Valley and Vasquez Caves Regional Preserves, and other outdoor highlights.

All of these features make Brentwood one of Pacific Coast Roofing’s favorite places to work. Contact us if you’re looking for licensed, professional and trustworthy roof repairs or replacements. Our team prides itself on customer satisfaction, and we provide free estimates and competitive quotes.

“Great roof, very fast installation, nice workers and great price. I’ve been waiting for it to rain before writing a review, but its been 8 months and so far so good! I would definitely hire again.”

Karen S.
San Francisco, CA



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