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Pacific Coast Roofing has provided top-quality, professional roofing services in and around Martinez for two decades and counting. Our crew values the loyal customer base we’ve grown here, something we’ve worked hard to achieve with a customer service-oriented business model. Our abundance of 5-star Yelp reviews are testaments to that.

Have an emergency roof repair on your hands? We’ll get someone out to fix it regardless of how busy our schedule may be. Interested in scheduling routine roof maintenance on an annual basis to maintain your materials’ warranties and uphold your homeowner’s insurance policy requirements? We’ve got you covered. We offer a full-spectrum of roof repair and replacement options, and we’ll also walk you through the basics of the roof accessories or features that make the most sense for your Martinez home or business.

Investing in your roof is one of the smartest moves a home or business owner can make. In addition to protecting the structural integrity of the building, a well-maintained roof will save you thousands upon thousands of dollars over its lifetime via fewer repairs, a longer life and increased whole-home energy efficiency.

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About Pacific Coast Roofing

For over two decades, Pacific Coast Roofing has provided exceptional roof repair and replacement to residential homeowners and commercial business owners in and around the Bay Area.

We’re a family-owned company who knows attentive customer service, educating clients regarding roof repair and replacement options and honoring routine maintenance agreements are fundamental to a successful business model.

Why Choose Pacific Coast Roofing? 

We understand it’s not easy to choose a single roofing contractor amongst the sea of links that turn up from your search engine query. But we promise that trusting your roof repair and replacement needs to Pacific Coast Roofing’s exceptional team is the right move.

For one thing, more than 90% of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals, and that’s something we’re very proud of. Word-of-mouth referrals are the highest praise a business can receive, and we’re happy to provide you with references from recent customers who’ve had the same type of repair or replacement work that you’re looking for so you can compare apples-to-apples.

Secondly, we’ve had an accredited, Better Business Bureau-listed profile for more than 15-years and counting – and our rating has never dipped below an A+. We encourage you to visit our profile and enjoy the peace of mind from knowing that in all that time, we’ve never had a single customer complaint. We also invite you to read our reviews on Angie’s List and Yelp, where dozens of customers have posted glowing, 5-star reviews. These are hard-earned testaments of Pacific Roofing’s dedication to high-quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as impeccable customer service.

Finally, you’ll want a roofing contractor who doesn’t have a current contractor’s license and proof that they’re bonded and insured. Failure to hold those is not a good sign and will more than likely void any product warranty and/or violate the terms of a homeowner’s insurance policy. Pacific Coast Roofing’s contractor license # is 1002352.

We Offer a Full Range of Roof Repair and Replacement Services 

Installing a high-quality roof is one of the best home improvement investments you’ll ever make. Just as important as a building’s foundation, the roof protects the structural integrity of your home or business and provides shelter from the elements. The roof is also instrumental in your building’s overall energy efficiency, protecting it from solar heat gain during the warmer months, and keeping conditioned, warm air indoors when the winter months com around.  

We provide a full spectrum repair and replacement services, including: 

Composition shingle roofing

Asphalt shingles are the standard roofing material here in the Bay Area for a reason. They’re one of the most affordable and low-maintenance roofing products on the market and routine annual maintenance will ensure a composition shingle roof holds up for 20-, 30- and even 50-years, depending on the quality of product you select. When paired with new insulation and other recommended roofing features, composition shingle roofing is highly energy-efficient. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, designed to match your home’s architecture and your personal preferences. 

Tile roof restoration and repair

Tile roofs are another California staple because they reflect the Mediterranean and Spanish architectural themes popular in this area throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Among other benefits, tile roofs offer remarkable insulation properties and are virtually impervious to extreme weather situations. That being said, they require extra special care during installation, as well as for routine maintenance and repair to mitigate any cracks or chips. We’re happy to repair, replace or provide annual maintenance for your tile roof, ensuring it performs up to its potential for decades to come. 

The right roofing accessories and features increase the return on your investment

High-quality roofing materials and expert installation are an integral first step. However, other important features that protect your investment – as well as the efficiency of your home – include things like: 

  • Gutters and downspouts. These move water efficiently away from the roof and structural walls and away from the foundation to prevent moisture damage 
  • Insulation. Experts estimate that 25% of more of your home’s heating/cooling energy is lost through the roof. Thus, the layers of insulation applied below the roofing material go a long way to conserve energy, reduce annual utility spending and promote whole-home comfort. 
  • Ventilation. Roof ventilation is another important component of a solid roof and desirable energy efficiency. Roof vents release solar heat gain before it penetrates interior building spaces and minimize moisture accumulation in the attic. Ultimately, proper ventilation also improves the lifespan of your roof. 

Failure to match a new roof, or a roof that needs significant repairs, with the right roofing accessories minimizes the longevity of the roof, compromises the roof’s overall performance and inevitably leads to more frequent maintenance and repairs. 

The team at Pacific Coast Roofing works with clients to select comprehensive roofing solutions that collaborate to form a more functional whole. 

Annual maintenance

While it’s true that certain aspects of roof maintenance (like cleaning gutters and downspouts) are safe DIY projects, it’s also true that roof slopes, high elevations and/or potential repair issues make roof maintenance a dangerous endeavor without proper equipment and training. Let us help you protect your roof, prevent unnecessary repairs and maintain your manufacturer’s warranty by providing annual roof maintenance particular to your particular materials. 

Our workers have the right clothing, gear, equipment and training to perform your manufacturers’ recommended maintenance points quickly, affordably and safely. Annual maintenance is the key to enjoying the potential life expectancy (or more) out of your roof and prevents leaks, broken or damaged shingles/tiles, etc. 

A word about first-time and lifetime roofing costs

Finally, when you’re reviewing prospective roof repair and replacement options, make sure to keep both first-time and lifetime costs in mind. By investing a little more now for higher-quality products, a licensed and reputable roofing contractor and roofing accessories – you’ll save far more over the long run than if you “save” now via cheaper products, resulting in excess repairs and earlier roofing replacement later on. 

Pacific Coast Roofing offers in-house financing for those with approved credit ratings and we take all major credit cards. We’ll also facilitate paperwork and communication with your insurance carrier to optimize compensation. 

About Martinez

Martinez is best known for its well-preserved, historic downtown buildings and an abundance of antique shops. It’s location on the southern shore of the Carquinez Straight, and directly across from Benicia, meant early 19th-century residents could enjoy a pleasant ferry ride to get them from one side to the other. During the California Gold Rush, Martinez served as a major way station – and with one of the main stops along the contemporary Amtrak rail line, that energy lives on today.

There are a few fun, Martinez facts non-residents may not now. For example, Martinez residents will tell you that the popular Martini cocktail was named after their town. Another is that in early 2007, a group of beavers built a dam in Alhambra Creek, which flows through the city. The amazing creation became a major attraction for a while, but city officials worried about the dam’s impact on potential flood control. An expert was brought in, a special water flow device installed, and now the beaver’s presence has reinvigorated the creek, creating better flow and a host of beaver ponds, which brought back the return of the steelhead – as well as river otters, minks and other riparian-loving creatures.

Martinez locals enjoy a range of year-round festivals and events, including a thriving Farmer’s Market, the Annual King of the County BBQ and Music Festival, the Bay Area Craft Beer Festival and the weekly Food Truck Mafia.

The team at Pacific Coast Roofing is proud to serve vibrant Martinez home and business owners. Does your roof need a little attention from a local, trustworthy roofing contractor? Contact Pacific Coast Roofing and schedule a FREE estimate. 888-995-5686.



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