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Alright, where is that roof leak coming from?

You have water coming out of the wall. It makes sense that the water is getting in right above, right? Not necessarily. Water has high surface tension. Water takes the path of least resistance. That means it takes more force than normal to make a drop of water break away from the surface on which it sits.

So, water may be getting into your roof at a point well away from your leaking wall. If you are having trouble finding a leak, bring in a professional roofer. The experienced roofing professionals here at Pacific Coast roofing can help you track that leak down. We have handled all sorts of leaks and will diagnose the problem quickly. Then, you can get your roof repaired without delay.

Finding a Leak on the Roof of Your Pleasanton Home

What can you do to trace that leak back to where it’s getting into the roof?

Without attic space, your job is more challenging than if you had it.

The first step is getting up on the roof. If it is a very steep roof, tie off for safety.

Go to the general area above where you think the water is getting through the roof and start looking around.

If you have a sagging spot in the roof, that may be where water is pooling and saturating the decking.

If you have missing or damaged roofing material, that is where water may be getting through.

You may spot debris protruding from the roof. That is likely your penetration point.

Check the base of pipe vents. The rubber boot may have cracked.

Check around chimneys. Flashing will pull away.

If you have attic space, your job is a bit easier.

Get up into the attic and find the point above where the water is dripping. You will likely see water still coming down or evidence of a water rivulet that dried up. That is the point where the water’s surface tension broke and the first drop went down. That point may not be the leak though.

Trace the water’s path. The path can take you up the edge of a rafter or onto the underside of the deck. You may even find it goes up to the ridgeline. Sometimes you might trace it to the penetration point of a vent pipe or a chimney. You may even find a twig or other natural materials penetrating the roof.

 If the water is coming through the roof deck, you likely have missing or damaged shingles above. You might have a sag in the roof deck.

If the water is coming in around the base of a vent pipe, the rubber boot likely has a crack or break in it.

If the water is coming in around the base of a chimney, the flashing is pulling away.

If you are having any problems finding the leak, bring in the professionals. An experienced roofing contractor in the San Francisco Bay area has the experience to trace a leak and find it pretty quickly.

Roofing Contractor Pleasanton


The smartest way to get your roof fixed is with the help of a roofing professional in Pleasanton. Roofs are the first barrier against water and wind penetration. The roof structure is more than just some roofing materials slapped against the deck. A professional roofer knows how to repair leaking roofs and restore your roof system’s integrity.

Many of these items a San Francisco Bay Area homeowner can tackle. However, to get the job done right, a professional is the better choice. They have the knowledge on how to ventilate and insulate an attic properly. They can clean and fix gutters. They can inspect the roof for problems.

Roofing Contractor Pleasanton


Many homeowners believe they can handle anything to do with a roof. It is just a matter of putting new shingles down over the old ones. Magically their old roofing problems will disappear. Well, that is a nice dream, but not reality. A roof is much more than just a layer of shingles. It is an entire system that needs to work in unison to keep wind and rain out of the structure.

The professionals at Pacific Coast Roofing have seen many roofs done by homeowners. On a few occasions, the job is not too bad. On many occasions, the results were not good. Some mistakes seen include not removing old layers of roofing, not repairing sagging roof deck, and not ventilating the attic. These simple mistakes lead to a shortened roof life and higher costs down the road.

Roofing Contractor Pleasanton


You need to give the professionals here at Pacific Coast Roofing a call. We have the expertise and knowledge to make your roof whole again. Our technicians can be out today and get your roof repaired as soon as possible. Contract us immediately when you have a leak.

As a locally-owned and operated roofing contractor, Pacific Coast Roofing has served Pleasanton and surrounding Bay Area communities for more than 22-years. We put our customers first, and work hard to pair expert craftsmanship and superior customer service for reference-worthy outcomes. This approach has succeeded, which is why we’re honored to garner 90% or more of our business via word-of-mouth referrals.

We’re happy to provide you with recent, personal references so you can learn first-hand about our professionalism and work ethic. Our crew provides a full spectrum of roof repair and replacement services, ranging from annual maintenance work to emergency repairs, routine repair work and full roof replacements. We also offer and install roof accessories and features that improve your roof’s performance, extend its lifetime and/or improve whole-home energy efficiency.

Contact Pacific Coast Roofing to obtain a FREE estimate, and an itemized bid with a competitive price. We look forward to becoming your preferred roofer today, which will lead to a lifetime of trusted service down the road. 888-995-5686.

For almost two decades, Pacific Coast Roofing has provided remarkable roofing repair and replacement to residential property owners and commercial company owner in and around the Bay Area.

We’re a family-owned company who understands attentive client service, informing customers relating to roof repair work and replacement options and honoring regular upkeep contracts are essential to a successful service design.

Why Choose Pacific Coast Roofing?

We comprehend it’s not easy to choose a single roofing professional amongst the sea of links that show up from your online search engine query. However, we assure that trusting your roof repair work and replacement to Pacific Coast Roofing’s extraordinary team is the ideal relocation.

For one thing, more than 90% of our business originates from word-of-mouth recommendations, and that’s something we’re proud of. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the most significant appreciation a company can get, and we’re delighted to offer you with referrals from current consumers who’ve had the exact same type of repair work or replacement work that you’re looking for so you can compare apples-to-apples.

Secondly, we’ve had an accredited, Better Business Bureau-listed profile for more than 15-years and counting– and our score has never dipped listed below an A+. We encourage you to visit our profile and enjoy the assurance of knowing that in all that time, we’ve never had a single consumer problem. We also invite you to read our reviews on Angie’s List and Yelp, where lots of customers have published radiant, 5-star evaluations. These are hard-earned testaments of Pacific Coast Roofing’s devotion to premium materials and craftsmanship, as well as flawless customer care.

Finally, never work with any roofer who does not have an existing contractor’s license and proof that they’re bonded and insured. Failure to hold those is not a great sign and will more than likely void any item warranty and/or break the regards to a homeowner’s insurance coverage. Pacific Coast Roofing’s contractor license # is 1002352

We Offer a Full Range of Roof Repair, Replacement and Emergency Services

Setting up a high-quality roof is one of the best house enhancement financial investments you’ll ever make. Simply as important as a building’s structure, the roofing system protects the structural integrity of your home or company and offers shelter from the elements. The roofing system is likewise instrumental in your building’s total energy performance, securing it from solar heat gain during the warmer months, and keeping conditioned, warm air inside your home when the winter season comes around.

We offer a complete spectrum of repair and replacement services, including:

Emergency roof repairs

Have you observed a recent damp area in your attic or ceiling, or experienced an obvious drip? Maybe a portion of shingles or tiles have simply blown or fallen off in the middle of a storm? These are all thought about “emergency situation roof repair work” because any source of wetness penetration through the roofing and into your house leads to big issues– and more costly repair work– the longer you wait. Plus, your house insurance carrier and/or warranty might not stand if their agents can tell you put off a repair for longer than you need to have.

Contact us here at Pacific Coast Roofing, and we’ll get someone out to your place instantly to assess the damage and provide a timely and competitive quote. (510) 912-5454. Our price quotes are always totally free, and we’re happy to assist with any required insurance documents for you.

Composition shingle roof

Asphalt shingles are the primary roofing product here in the Bay Area for a factor. They’re one of the most inexpensive and low-maintenance roofing items on the marketplace, and regular annual maintenance will guarantee a structure shingle roofing system holds up for 20-, 30- as well as 50-years, depending on the quality of the item you pick. When coupled with new insulation and other advised roof functions, structure shingle roof is extremely energy-efficient. It comes in a variety of colors and styles, created to match your home’s architecture and your individual preferences.

Tile roofing repair and repair work

Tile roofing systems are another California staple since they reflect the Mediterranean and Spanish architectural themes prevalent in this location throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. To name a few benefits, tile roofing systems use exceptional insulation properties and are practically invulnerable to extreme weather condition circumstances. That being stated, they need extra unique care throughout setup, as well as for routine repair and maintenance to mitigate any fractures or chips. We’re happy to fix, change or provide annual upkeep for your tile roofing, guaranteeing it carries out up to its capacity for many years to come.

The best roofing devices and functions increase the return on your financial investment

High-quality roof materials and professional setup are an important very first action. Nevertheless, other important functions that secure your financial investment, as well as the performance of your house — include things like:

– Gutters and downspouts. These move water efficiently away from the roof and structural walls and away from the structure to prevent wetness damage
– Insulation. Experts approximate that 25% or more of your home’s heating/cooling energy is lost through the roofing. Therefore, the layers of insulation used below the roofing material go a long method to save energy, lower yearly utility spending and promote whole-home comfort.
– Ventilation. Roofing system ventilation is another crucial part of a solid roofing and preferable energy efficiency. Roof vents release solar heat gain before it penetrates interior structure spaces and lessens moisture accumulation in the attic. Ultimately, appropriate ventilation also enhances the lifespan of your roofing system.

Failure to match a brand-new roof or roofing that needs significant repair work, with the ideal roofing devices minimizes the longevity of the roofing system, compromises the roof’s overall efficiency and inevitably leads to more regular upkeep and repair work.
The team at Pacific Coast Roofing works with clients to choose detailed roof services that team up to form a more practical whole.

Annual maintenance

While it’s true that particular elements of roof maintenance (like cleaning up rain gutters and downspouts) are safe DIY projects, it’s likewise real that roofing system slopes, high elevations and/or potential repair problems make roofing maintenance an unsafe venture without proper devices and training. Let us assist you to safeguard your roofing, prevent unnecessary repair work and preserve your producer’s guarantee by offering yearly roofing system maintenance specific to your specific products.

Our workers have the right clothing, gear, equipment, and training to perform your producers’ suggested maintenance points quickly, affordably and securely. Annual upkeep is essential to enjoying the prospective lifespan (or more) from your roof and likewise avoids leakages, broken or harmed shingles/tiles, and so on.

About Pleasanton, CA

Pleasanton has been ranked in various versions of “America’s Best Places to Live” multiple years running. It is also the home of the Alameda County Fairgrounds and when you consider this, and its close proximity to both Oakland and more rural Livermore, you can see why Pleasanton enjoys the yin-yang of both city and country life. In addition to being the home for major U.S. corporations and .com offices. Pleasanton also serves as a civic extension of Oakland and Alameda County – housing a few civic offices and a courthouse.

Some fun facts about Pleasanton: First, it was actually supposed to be spelled, Pleasonton, because it was the last name of a friend of Alameda County’s Justice of the Peace. Apparently, a postmaster spelling era switched the “o” to an “a” and it’s been Pleasanton ever since. The city also served as the backdrop for the famous film adaption of the children’s book, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.

Today, Pleasanton residents get to capitalize on their closeness to Oakland, while still attending some of the down-home events and festivals that give Pleasanton a small-town feel. Some of the area’s favorites include, Friday Concerts in the Park, Main Street’s First Wednesday events, a vibrant Farmer’s Market and multiple antiques, arts and crafts shows.

Pacific Coast Roofing is proud to serve Pleasanton home and business owners, and we value the loyal customer base we’ve built here over the years. Is your Pleasanton home or business ready for professional roof services from a licensed and trustworthy professional? Contact Pacific Coast Roofing and schedule a FREE estimate.

“As a Realtor, my business is often measured by the quality of my referrals. Brian is the tops. After working with ALOT of other roofers, I can say with confidence that his service and inspections are the best. My clients have worked with him and love him too. He has even done work on my roof. It took me a long time to find a good roofer to recommend and now I have peace of mind that I can refer the best!”

Kathleen W.
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