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How Does A Skylight Affect Your Roof?

From improved energy efficiency to making the most of natural light, skylights are an incredible addition to any room. There's also the lower utility bills that save you money. And let's not forget that they can improve ventilation, indoor air quality, and privacy....

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Your Ultimate Guide To Roofing Safety

Do you know what you need to know about roofing safety? Roofing work can be a dangerous task for many reasons. You're often working high up off the ground, using potentially dangerous equipment. If you don't follow safety practices well, you're prone to injury or even...

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Spring Cleaning For Your Roof

Roofing projects cost homeowners about $6,000 to $14,000. This investment can be in vain if you fail to maintain your roof properly. So, when the winter's ice start melting away, you need to start thinking about spring cleaning your roof. Shingles take quite a toll...

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Important Signs You Need To Replace Your Old Roof

Wondering whether to repair or replace your old roof? We've got the answer for you. The roof of a house remains as one of the "make or break" factors for prospective homeowners. It's the part that will grab your eyes most when you are in the market for a new home....

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10 Basics About Roof Construction

Are you about to install a new roof on your home? Believe it or not, roof construction is a complex task that involves more than just picking out the look and materials of your new roof. It's critical to hire roofing services so that you can be certain your roof is...

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